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The Parker 51, the most famous fountain pen.

51 Parker Pen

There are writing instruments of all kinds and among them, some have become legend. In this blog we talked about several of them and will do so, but there are certainly a fountain pen that stands out from the others by being pen par excellence, the elegant yet modern, Parker 51.

Parker 51 Arométrica
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No matter how expensive it is to have the pen that is sitting in front, we can safely say that the pen is not better than his Parker 51 period.

The 51 is functional, is beautiful, is elegant, is vintage, is historic and yet still has a futuristic air. Looks good on any occasion and suits every hand, although there is a short model "Demi" if you like that size. You can use posted without posting. Far it is confused with a pen, but soon to be afforded some attention, obvious that it is something special and everyone remembers family and quality.

51 Parker and Parker blue cedar Vacumatic 51 Aerometric Burgundy
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The Parker 51 was born in 1941 with the intention of revolutionizing the world of pens and damn if he succeeded. Regarding charging system inherited then the Vacumatic (or vacumático) system another great pen, Parker Vacumatic, but distinguished by a fairing protecting the nib drying ink and a piece hidden shaped radiator, called collector, maintaining a certain amount of ink in reserve to ensure that the pen wrote the first. That made (and makes) the most reliable to date pen. All you had to change this fantastic design was filling system, which went from Vacumatic (somewhat picky) the reliable and durable Air Facility. Today you can find easily, retaining 51 Parkers sack Aerometric plexiglas in perfect condition with over 60 years of work.

Parker types 51

Parker 51 Vacumatic "First Years" (Early) 1940-1941. They have double jewel.

Parker 51 Vacumatic "Filler Blue Diamond Clip" 1942-1947. They have a blue diamond in the clip.

Parker 51 "Filler Blue Diamond Clip" posted.

Parker 51 Vacumatic "Red Band Filler" 1946-1947

Parker 51 Vacumatic "Filler Arrow Plain Clip" 1947-1948. Vacumática clip arrow

Parker "51" Demi-sized Vacumatic Filler Arrow Plain Clip 1947-1948. It is shorter

Parker "51" Aerometric Filler 1948-1969 (The 51 par excellence). With arrow clip.

Parker "51" Jotter 1954-1969

Parker "51" Converter (cartridge or converter) 1961-1963. They differ because the end of the barrel does not have the ventilation hole

Parker "51" Aerometric MKIII from 1969 to 1972 was characterized by finishing his barrel at right angles, while all others will have rounded.

Parker 51 in Nassau Aerometric Green

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What you have to look at when purchasing a Parker 51?

Today it is almost impossible to find a Parker 51 state NOS (New Old Stock of) so you have to go to the flea market (or hands) but that in no way a problem.The design is so good, so strong, it's easy to find these pens in perfect working order and remaining decades, especially if acquired a Aerometric. So what we have to look at a Parker 51 to buy it?

First. The nib 51 Almost all carry one 14K (14 carat gold or 58%). There was also a series called "Special" with nib Obtanium, a mixture of eight metals. Both write just as well really, and certainly you can find a pen with nib replaced with what they found at hand. The important thing is that it is in good condition, not bent or with iridios (the hard tip material) deleted. Still, it can be repaired. Otherwise, most Parker 51 has a point F (Fine) so more bullets (M) or Italians are more rare and valuable.

Second, that it works well Try as much as possible feather even with water.. Why did not I put this first? Because it can be repaired, no spare parts, but the most expensive parts is the nib. In this it included unscrew the pen body and check the mechanism. If Aerometric have to say "Parker 51" and an instruction manual. If vacumática chances are that you have to change the bag, which is more difficult to see at a glance and always must change an expert but it's not expensive.

Third, check the cap that has no dents, which is the most difficult to repair.. Plating of gold caps 12K gold is very strong, but the bad is browning can again but I personally prefer it fades if it's natural.

Fourth. The body is made ​​of lucite, except in the MKIII (the last to be recognized at the end of the barrel at a right angle) which is a worst plastic. Lucite is a great plastic continues with good image in feathers over 60 years. If necessary, it can be polished.

Fifth: The Jewel. It is the part of the top of the cap. In the very first Parker 51, he was a gem at the top of the cap and one at the end of the body and on top were made of aluminum. If you find a 51 double jewel, it is lucky, if it is one, but aluminum, too. Typically, one amber and plastic (rare) or gray (common).If necessary, they have made replicas easy to find on the internet.

Sixth: The color, but this and deserves its own.

Parker 51 Blue Diamond posted

What are the most prized colors in Parker 51?

Leaving aside the fact that the best is the one you like best to you and of course, black goes with everything, the truth is that the color of a 51, because of its rarity, affects its value. In these tables you will see them in order from the ordinary to rarer (vacumáticas or arométricas) on the current black and therefore the easiest to find.

Parker 51 Vacumatic

By order of rarity

Midnight Black
Dove Gray
Cedar Blue
Cordovan Brown
Buckskin Beige
Yellowstone Yellow
Nassau Green

Color illustrations and years of operation.
ColourFirst nameYears
Cordovan Brown1941-1948
Buckskin Beige1941-1948
Nassau Green1941-1948
Cedar Blue1941-1948
Dove Gray1941-1948
India Black1941-1948

Parker 51 Aerométricas
By order of rarity

Navy Blue
Forest Green

Examples of color and year

ColourFirst nameYears
Midnight Blue1948-1972
Teal Blue1948-1972
Forest Green1948-1972
Navy Grey1948-1972

In short, a great pen, the pen of the twentieth century that continues to waste elegance and practicality where you go. A safe bet even as an investment, because they are very collectable and its value is rising over time 

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