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The Vostock watch

The Vostok watch

 "Be a man and buy a Vostok".

Vostok Komandirskie K 34
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The Vostok (Восток in Russian Cyrillic) watches are not expensive, not even close to what it costs an automatic watch features, therefore do not serve to show off economic power and yet his legion of faithful carry them with pride and even it is rare a fan of expensive watches that do not have a Vostok in your collection.

Vostok logo and anagram.

The history of this Russian company was born in 1942, when the company Poljot moved to the city of Chistopol fleeing the advancing Nazi troops. After the war, Poljot returned to its original location in Moscow, leaving behind a facility that continued to operate as an independent firm and eventually taking the name Восток (This in Russian) or Vostok.

Consider that the sixties the Russian Vostok capsules put a man in orbit first, it was a name that was fashionable. Other Russian companies also followed this trail and adopted spatial names like Raketa (Paкeтa) meaning "rocket".

The firm will soon begin manufacturing for civil public, but will the military models that will give you fame with the Komandirskie (КОМАНДИРСКИЕ-Commander) of 1962 and the Amphibia (АМФИБИЯ) series born in 1967 to equip the divers and sailors Soviet navy.

Vostok Amphibia Box 710
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Features Vostok Amphibia 710 (box fans call "Ministry")
200 meters - 670 feet (20ATM): This watch is suitable for diving, water sports, swimming, etc. Winding screw head ensures water resistance properties in the closed position.

The Amphibia noted for their tightness achieved thanks to a thick but flexible synthetic glass (Plexiglas) and rubber gaskets are compressed with pressure.This was a solution not previously used in any diving watch, but I Vostok did not have in 1967 technology to emulate the boxes of watches Swiss so its creators, Mikhail Fedorovich Novikov and Vera Feodorovna Belova, had to resort to ingenuity to achieve their goal.

Vostok Amphibia 2415 110 caliber

Today the Vostok stand out as being one of the few firms that are also manufactures watches, ie, that produce their own calibres (mechanisms).

Vostok caliber 2416B

Vostok gauges stand out for their reliability and simplicity and although usually not as precise as a Swiss first class, are not far behind with 19,800 oscillations per hour. Its users often have to manage with minimal adjustments a percentage error ± 10 seconds a day, which may seem a huge amount for users of quartz movements battery, but, I repeat, it is not bad for a mechanical watch and automatic. The firm however heals health and warns of possible forks -20 + 60 seconds per day.

Vostok wrist Romanenko cosmonaut Juri Viktorovitch during the Soyuz 38 mission

One thing we must warn buyers of Vostok, turning over the crown gives the impression of being loose and they will be on hand, this is not uncommon, just so.Also keep in mind that watches with datary, those who wear the caliber 2416B, no rapid change of date, so you change their date is very complicated. Here a video in English how.

Instructions for Vostok.
Instructions for automatic watches Vostok

Load Mechanism

While the clock is carried on the wrist daily there is no need to wind. The march of the watch incorporates a special automatic loading mechanism; operates the clock thanks to the movement of the hand.
However, if the clock is not used for more than 24 hours will need to wind.
Unscrew the crown of the box - Position 2 - and begin to turn the crown about 25 to 30 revolutions, separating it slightly from the box.
Having finished winding need not continue turning the crown in order to avoid breaking the mechanism.
The best way to charge an automatic watch is worn on the hand.
Do not enter the watch under water if the crown is in position 1. (Position 1 - The crown is threaded to the box).

Set time

the crown is at position 3, pulling it until a "click". Turning the crown handles move to set the correct time. After adjusting the time the crown is screwed to position 1.

Calendar Update (exclusive models datary)

Position crown in position 3. Adjust the date by turning the handles. After finishing it gets to screw the crown to position 1.

Quick update calendar

Position crown in position 3. Through the crown handles 12 o'clock move to 8 hours (anti-clockwise) and then from 8 pm to 12 pm (clockwise) on until adjust date. After finishing it gets to screw the crown to position 1.

Notes on the clock care

-   Clocks must be protected from the impact of exposure to chemicals and exposure to magnetic sources.
-   To prevent fogging on the inside of the glass is necessary to monitor if the crown has been properly screwed.
-   In order to prevent the penetration of dust and dirt into the mechanism should not open the back cover of the box.

Important: After setting the time, please, you must close and open the crown again to proceed to load (pos 2). Do not spend time adjusting the loading position 3 to position 2 directly, ONLY through the end position 1. ALWAYS close the crown position 1. (As the end turns must feel the contact with the rubber). This watch is for soldiers, have great resistance to moisture and crown (has a rubber valve inside) must be closed.


In short, if these clocks were a weapon, would be an AK47 Kalashnikov rifle. They are made with the same philosophy, be rude, perhaps not the most accurate but reliable and capable of operating where other models are rendered. Still, all is not rudeness, the variety of boxes available and new models can find everything from original watches with retro air to completely contemporary designs and affluent pockets so there are designs for (almost) everyone.

The Vostok, a good gift, a good accessory, watch a real man. 

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