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The Krugerrand: The currency gold investment par excellence

The Krugerrand: The currency gold investment par excellence

In this blog we talk about legendary elements accompanying man whatever type they are and the Krugerrand has earned the right to stop being a simple object to enter the category of legend


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Throughout history gold coins have been on the cusp the economy and thus was not until the abolition of the gold standard in support of banknotes. Gold seemed to go out of style as currency until in 1967 the South African republic created a gold coin, first, with the exact amount of a Troy ounce, ie 31.1035 grams.

The Krugerrand has the power to be a legal tender in South Africa but actually was designed as a vehicle for investors to acquire South African gold, is therefore what is called a bullion coin. That's why we have   the weight of traditional landmark for gold, Troy Ounce; although we must not forget that the currency itself has a higher weight, the difference being copper, which gives it a distinctive orange color.

The reasons that decorate it are an antelope Springbock, national symbol of South Africa, and on the other side, the venerable President Kruger, great enemy of the British Empire. In fact, until the appearance of Krugerrands, gold coin investment par excellence was the British sovereign, so this currency has managed to honor this character.

Paying something with a Krugerrand is rare for its great value, but it is certainly a gesture that is not forgotten. For small figures were created the Krugerrands Troy Ounce 1/10, 1/4 and 1/2, so it is perfectly feasible to use them as payment.

Is today the reference currency by investors, for their safety, courage and endurance, as it is alloyed with copper, which makes it more durable than investment coins of pure gold, as the Austrian Philharmonic.

How to spot a fake Krugerrand?

There will always be those who want to cheat us and the price of a Krugerrand makes it especially sweet tooth. The good news is that it is easy to falsify. The first thing we see is the quality of the coinage, that is, how well they see the relief pattern. This so simple and ground strip low quality counterfeits that are usually melted and therefore more gentle terrain. Furthermore, there fasificadores who has achieved good quality minting coins and filled with tungsten (or tungsten) to achieve a similar weight, because this metal has a density similar to gold weight. Still, it is very difficult to get the exact equivalence, so we have to be aware of the specific measures and weights of Krugerrands and verify them.

Sizes Krugerrand coins
SizeDiameterThicknessWeight (g)purity 1000Gold content (g)Content Gold (Troy Ounce)

Tolerances in manufacturing the Krugerrand coins.
SizeTolerance weight (g)minimum diametermaximum diameterMinimal thicknessmaximum thicknessBrands in singing
Full+ 0.0732,61mm32,77mm2,74mm2,84mm180
Medium+ 0.03526,93mm27,07mm2,115mm2,215mm140
Fourth+ 0.0221,94mm22,06mm1,788mm1,888mm130
The Krugerrand, like other mythical gold coins as the English sovereigns, the American golden eagles or Spanish Alphonsine, give a special value to those who carry pocket, regardless of its value in money.

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