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The Dunhill Rollagas lighter

The Dunhill Rollagas, elegance among lighters.

 If you want to take a lighter that radiate elegance your choice is Rollagas Dunhill lighter.

This lighter was born in the mid-50s of the twentieth century to solve the problems of gas lighters and be a classic from the first moment. To be exact, the patent of its valve system was requested in 1953 and was granted in 1956.

No matter the material, whether solid stainless steel or gold. This Butane gas, one of the first functional designs gas, distinguishes the wearer. It is an expensive item or rather, high price. Its operation is flawless and finishes are superb, no matter if it is a top of the range or the more modest model. It is common to see it in the hands of senior executives and wealthy people who care of the odors emitted by classic petrol lighters.

Dunhill gold Rollagas

The origin of this jewel for man is to be found in the British Alfred Dunhill in 1893 created a company dedicated to the manufacture of car accessories. To make luxury speaker went on to create male supplements for men. When Alfred retired in the twenties, his company was already one of the most distinguished in its business segment and Dunhill users can enjoy both clothes and all kinds of objects, among which stands in its own right his lighter.

Alfred Dunhill

Dunhill logo

How to know the age of a Dunhill Rollagas?

If it is a model made ​​between 1953 and 1956 it will have on the base engraved with the following inscription: BRIT.726982 USA PAT. OTHERS RE24163 PENDING - MADE IN SWITZERLAND. This refers to the patent of the valves was requested but not yet granted and of course, that was made ​​in Switzerland.

The 1956 to 1966 bear the inscription at its base PATENTED - MADE IN SWITZERLAND.

From 1960 to 1970 they engraved on its base US.RE 24163

1971 is engraved on the base US.RE 24163 and the word PATENTED and the circular cover is decorated with concentric circles.

1972 new models are lighter and S Type Dress lighter

1985 this model is at the base of the lower right corner of the shield Dunhill

1986, with the shield Dunhill at the base but without the US.RE 24,163

1989 and with the serial number engraved on the base.

So much for generalities. Needless to say there Dunhills Rollagas special editions.

The Dunhill Rollagas are a perfect gift for the man and although it is so elegant that would look into the hands of a woman, is such a male icon Dunhill launched a model of Rollagas specifically for women.

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