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The OMAS Paragon

The Omas Paragon

They say that there are few ways to make a fountain pen and that is usually said by those who only know how to make them in the form of a torpedo. There are, however, other ways of making fountain pens and the Italian Omas was able to create unparalleled beauty with a fluted shape. An impressive classic, the OMAS Paragon

Omas Paragon
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OMAS disappears

I write this entry with the sadness of knowing that this jewel is not going to be manufactured again. Omas, the legendary Italian brand of writing tools, closes in 2016. Founded in 1925 by Armando Simoni, it had recently fallen into the hands of Chinese "investors". According to rumors the Omas as a symbol of luxury were used to make prestigious gifts to officials of that country and an investigation against corruption made for this kind of gifts, which gave the coup de grace to a brand that only made high-priced pens . Today the field of fountain pens has a fierce competition and OMAS is the one that has fallen today.

OMAS logo

Returning to the Paragon, we are facing a large feather. Its dimensions are 142.24 cm with cap (5.6 inches) and 1333.5 cm without cap (5.25 inches) and is notable for its beautiful and large gold nib. In recent times this nib was manufactured by the German Bock.

Its charging system is by piston. The OMAS pistons are reputed to be effective, although they are not as reputable as the Pelikan, but they still do not disappoint.

A good thing added about its mechanics. The entire pen is easily disassembled without using any other tool than your own hands.

When you have your celluloid body in your hands you can immediately notice that you have something special and the eyes of any amateur can not help but marvel at the beauty of its Roman fretwork that surrounds the cap.

The only bad thing about this pen is its high price but I sincerely believe that it is worth it. Of course it is not affordable for everyone, although there are those who kill the bug with imitations, which I find horrendous. I prefer an authentic cheap pen to an imitation. If you want a similar pen and also legendary I recommend the Inoxcrom Corinthian, a pen that deserves its own entrance and that although it is not a cheap pen, it is much more affordable.

Tips to buy an OMAS Paragon

If the new purchase of course will not fail, just be careful with the price. I advise you to negotiate with the seller asking him if he is sure that OMAS spare parts will remain in the future. I am sure that for a long time, but it is a way of tightening in the negotiation.

If you buy Omas Paragon second hand, make sure that the piston works and does not have a mass of dried ink inside that forces you to order the pen ipso facto, which is not going to be cheap. Another point to observe is obviously the nib, this should be with the hawks aligned and keep the irides in good condition. Finally, observe the celluloid state of the body.

Another interesting detail about the second-hand Paragon is that many fans say that those manufactured before 2000, when the company was acquired by the French LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, were better than the later ones.

In short, a timeless pen that distills Italian beauty in every stroke. A fantastic gift for a man with class.

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