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The tie

Tie, classic accessory

One of the men 's accessories par excellence and one of the gifts for the handiest man tie.

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The tie itself is no more than a strip of cloth, preferably silk, which is knotted or looped around the neck of the shirt and its purpose is practical and aesthetic, hide the buttons of his shirt. Therefore the tie is inextricably linked to the use of a shirt and its success will depend on conbine with this and have a good knot.

Origin of the tie

Caring neck with a pendant tissue is something documented since ancient Egyptian times, but the current tie stems from a pledge made ​​popular in revolutionary France a unit of Croatian mercenaries that they called "hrvatska" ie Croatia. The garment consisted of a piece of white cloth tied around his neck shaped pink and whose limbs were hanging on his chest. The French public is appropriated calling her "Cravate" and spreading it all over the planet garment.

Types of tie


The ascot is very similar to a tie. This is a band around the neck accented with wide ends that bend more to resemble a thick handkerchief or scarf.Generally, men wear tucked into a shirt or vest and secured with a safety pin or clip. In the late nineteenth century, the ascot tie was used for day and night events; however, their popularity began to fade in the early twentieth century. Today, it is a fashion statement.

Classic tie

The classic tie tied with a lump in my throat and hangs from the front of a shirt with buttons, ending in a tip. There are many lengths, sizes and patterns to classic tie. They are also available in many fabric choices. Many people consider the ties of the most durable artificial silk, as they are machine washable, unlike other fabrics. Polyester neckties and silk require dry cleaning. A smooth polyester tie is elegant with a rough finish, while a satin polyester tie is soft and elegant. Some may even be confused with silk, which is more luxurious and expensive of the classic variety of tie. Silk is also the easiest to ruin, therefore, men normally reserved for formal occasions.

Tie clasps

Brooches ties are preanudadas that attach directly to the shirt. These ties are often informal because its simplistic nature. They are usually made ​​from synthetic materials rather than finest materials. Brooches ties are reserved for children who are unable to bind them. They are not appropriate for business or formal clothes.

Bow tie or cravat

The bow tie is the most formal of all ties. It is a neckband that is below the collar of a shirt button and tied in a bow at the throat. It is one of the most difficult ties knotting, so preanudadas commonly come with a fastener loop behind. Men usually wear them at the wedding in a tuxedo or other formal events.

Bolo tie

The bolo tie is a simple cords that are commonly associated with western styles. Made of thin rope or braided leather bolo tie has metal spikes and comes together in the neck with an ornamental clasp. It is the official tie of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas and is also a traditional craft of several Native American tribes.

Ties common today and most appropriate knots

ties standards

Types: Standard ties woven or printed silk, ...
Knots: single knot, double knot, Half Windsor, Windsor knot, small knot

thick ties

Types: Thick winter ties woven silk, wool, ...
Knots: simple knot, small knot

thin ties

Types: thin summer ties in printed silk ...
Knots: single knot, double knot, Half Windsor, Windsor knot

long ties

Types: ties of more than 150 cm. long
Knots: Double knot, Half Windsor, Windsor knot

bow Tie

Types: corbatín
Knots: knot butterfly

Perhaps the handiest gift for the man. Of course, with so much variety it is difficult to hit, so I recommend that before buying it thinks about the suit which will combine and not escamotee in fabric quality as a wrinkled tie gives a bad image.

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