lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

The Dupont lighter

If you're going to light a fire, do it with class , do it with a  Dupont lighter.

ST Dupont Ligne 2 lighter gold plating.
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The history of this luxury lighter was born in 1941 when the Maharaja of Patiala ordered the firm ST Dupont hundred lacquered Chinese style bags for their consorts, each must contain a solid gold lighter. ST Dupont took three years to fulfill the order and it developed this lighter that worked at that time with oil.

Signature logo ST Dupont

From the very beginning therefore the Dupont lighter is associated with gold, but the truth is that you can get in other metals like platinum price even higher.

Bicolor model ST Dupont Lighter Ligne 2

Engineering marvel

It is made of solid brass seventy pieces for a hundred hours of work spread over six hundred three hundred assembly and test to check the good end result.

Types Dupont

Have created three types of this lighter. The first was called Ligne 1 is the original (which received the Maharajah of Patiala) and no longer manufactured.The current is the Ligne 2 and is shown in the initial image of the blog. A third smaller version is the Gatsby, a newer and usually cheaper model.

ST Dupont Gatsby Lighter 925 sterling silver

The sound of Dupont
There is one thing that clearly distinguishes any other lighter Dupont and sound. The "ping" Dupont is something that immediately highlights the wearer. In this video you will appreciate.

What causes it? When the Ligne 2 a design flaw (yes, a failure) made there is more friction between two moving parts of the top of what was planned was designed. The fact is that customers liked both the resulting sound has since tried to keep this "ping" so characteristic.


Every now have to change the protector of the burner, so it is recommended to buy official spare parts. On the other hand, while butane can be recharged with a common charger, the Dupont house also recommends their own officers chargers.

It is also advisable to be careful when handling the valve on the bottom that regulates the intensity of the flame.

ST Dupont Ligne 2 lit

Base of a ST Dupont Ligne 2. The regular left of intensity. At right, top to fill it .

ST Dupont lighter certainly mark the wearer from the moment it opens and sounds. A wonderful gift for the man and a great male supplement.

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