miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2017

American Optical Pilot

Un clásico de las gafas de sol que han llevado astronautas, actores, pilotos y hasta presidentes, las American Optical Pilot.

American Optical Pilot
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Gafas de montura metálica, cómodas y con una acusada personalidad.

Variantes en las American Optical Pilot

Las American Optical Pilot, pueden escogerse con una acertada serie de especifidades al gusto del cliente, escogiendo  montura, tamaño, patillas y cristales:
– Monturas: plateada brillante, negra, plateada mate, dorada.
– Tamaños: 52mm, 55mm, 57mm.
– Patillas: Spatula, Confort Cable, Bayonet. 
– Cristales: Gris, Gris polarizado, Gris (policarbonato), Gris polarizado (policarbonato), Verde, Marrón, Marrón polarizado, Amarillo (policarbonato), Amarillo polarizado (policarbonato), Ámbar (policarbonato), Ámbar polarizado (policarbonato), Espejo (policarbonato), o sin cristales.

miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2017

The Inoxcrom Caravel

There are fountain pens that by their longevity in the market have happened to the history and others that by their fleeting passage have fallen into oblivion.There are, however, fleeting fountain pens that have reached the category of myths because despite their small number of pieces, they have something that has made them special. The fountain pen that we are going to speak has a fantastic quality but it has undergone stormy circumstances that forced it to leave the market but to enter into the legend, the Inoxcrom Caravel.

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Technical features of the Caravel Inoxcrom

Length with cap: 14.8 cm
Length without cap: 13.3 cm
Positioned with the cap: 16.6.
Diameter the barrel: 1.1 cm
Maximum diameter in the cap: 1.5 cm
Material: Black synthetic resin.
Nib: Large size, # 6 steel in thickness F, M and B
Dorados: Gold of 23.9 kilátes. 
Load: Universal cartridge (two short or one long) or converter.