lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

The American Optical Pilot: Sunglasses

American Optical Pilot

A classic sunglasses that have wear bye astronauts, actors, pilots and even presidents ot the United States of America, the American Optical Pilot .

American Optical Pilot
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Metallic frame glasses, comfortable and with a strong personality.

Variants in the American Optical Pilot

The American Optical Pilot can be chosen with a correct series of specificities to suit the client, choosing frame, size, sideburns and crystals:
Mounts: shiny silver, black, silver plated, gold.
Sizes: 52mm, 55mm, 57mm.
Pins: Spatula, Comfort Cable, Bayonet.
Crystals: Gray, Polarized gray, Gray (polycarbonate), Gray polarized (Polycarbonate), Green, Brown, Polarized brown, Yellow (polycarbonate), Yellow polarized (polycarbonate), Amber (polycarbonate), Amber Polycarbonate), or without crystals.