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The Inoxcrom Corinthian

The Inoxcrom Corinthian

When signing a contract or simply when to record your writing, a gentleman should be blunt. The Spanish industry has made ​​magnificent feathers and pens and there are even famous craftsmen who are in the world 's crest, but little can compare to the level of legend which has come Inoxcrom Corinthian fountain pen.

Corinthian Inoxcrom
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Dimensions and characteristics of the Inoxcrom Corinthian

Long with cap: 14.2 cm
Long capless: 12, 5 cm
Length with cap posted: 16 cm
maximum diameter; 1, 3 cm

Operation: Standard cartridge or converter.

Details thickness Corinthian barrel.

Why is so mythical the Corinthian?

Inoxcrom created the Corinthian to be his flagship, so he designed this pen with twelve facets, recalling designs like Omas Paragon and Eversharp-Wahl Doric (which makes it very different from the usual way of torpedo) and manufactured with its highest standards. The price was higher than the Sirocco Inoxcrom resin (remaining above the silver) and this was something the public at the time did not understand. Inoxcrom had always associated with the axiom of good quality content (not in vain was born in the Spanish postwar) prices so at that time few people were willing to pay what the pen worth, especially when her (for another great side) it was not gold nib if not steel. Ads running on the network in which the Corinthian Inoxcrom appears with gold nib, the same could be asked to be mounted on the Sirocco gold, but never saw anyone that combination Corinthian-Gold in real life.

Recall that a stainless steel nib is not mechanically lower one 14K (which is the best combination because the 18 K and 21 K are too soft), provided that the iridios are of the same quality, for that is what that really touches the paper.

Whether it was what it was, the Corinthian was discontinued soon, having been manufactured and sold few copies. As he stopped sold, collectors began to notice the value of the pen and the price of the Corinthian, especially in its most desired version, the blue, he started up.

Today you can still find on the Internet Corinthians NOS, forgotten stocks from state travel shops, but the funny thing is that it is very difficult to find for sale second hand Corinthians, which has not let go.

Nib detail of Corinthian.

Another curious detail of the Corinthian, the date engraved on his gold ring 24K gold, which is a 1942. The Inoxcrom Company was created in 1942.

Are there Corinthians with plumín 1920 Caravel?

In the 90s of the twentieth century, the company decided to launch Inoxcrom (new in it) high-end pen was called Caravelle. This was a clear inspiration in the German Montblanc Meisterstück without there being confusion between them since the end Inoxcrom was well laid down and the jib was exclusive. The nib of the Caravelle was steel, size # 6 and showed a beautiful caravel and the number 1920. The fact is that this pen high quality and advantageous value restaurant was short-lived. It was rumored that Montblanc Inoxcrom threatened to sue, but perhaps also should have sued so high-priced Japanese copy as there. Whatever the case, a lot of these nibs Caravel which could not be used in the pen for which they were intended and Inoxcrom ended up placing them in the Sirocco, Wall Street models and some fell into the Corinthians were manufactured. The Caravel nibs have the particularity that were manufactured in points F (Fine), M (Medium) and B (Broad-Thick), while the standard nib # 6 Inoxcrom only was manufactured in M. It is therefore technically possible to find Corinthians with nibs Caravel appreciated, what the new value and even points F and B, which the new value even more.

All steel nibs Inoxcrom this time (Caravel or balloon Inoxcrom) were own design and manufacture of the Spanish brand.

nib Caravelle

Another positive about the # 6 Inoxcrom is that they are fully compatible with other manufacturers # 6 as the Jowo, so we can purchase these both to replace and test our different points and even materials like gold.

Versions of Corinthian Inoxcrom

We all associate and Corinthian name as a fountain pen, but the truth is that the manufacturer Spanish company created a whole set of pieces of writing.Next to the pen you could usually acquire a pen (really nice) or more rare forms a rollerball or a mechanical pencil. If the pen Corinthian is scarce, rollerball, ballpoint and mechanical pencil especially, are even more so. If they are for sale should not be missed.

As for colors , there are two, black and dark blue, so there is pen, ballpoint, rollerball and mechanical pencil in both colors.

Fountain pen, pen and pencil Corinthian.

Having a good pen to represent me for me is as important as having a good car insurance. Why do I say this? Because like a good handshake, the firm is our hallmark and does not cause the same impression do with a pen advertising an English course I do it with a quality pen. The Inoxcrom Corinthian, the Corinthian whole family, conveys beauty and quality, is not an ordinary pen or massive and still can be found at reasonable prices.

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