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Victorinox knives Mini Keychain

Victorinox knives Mini Keychain

We have already discussed in this blog Victorinox Swiss Army knives, but worth spending an entry to smaller and bolsilleras of them, the Victorinox 58mm

Victorinox MiniChamp the largest of 58mm
Click for larger image.

There are several models that the famous Swiss brand marketed in this size, not counting the slightly larger (65 mm) that has inherited the firm Wenger and marketed today as Delemont line.

Victorinox functions MiniChamp

Nail file:
-Clean Nails.
Cuticle Remover
Open letters (sheet).
Orange peeler with:
Cap lifter with
-screwdriver Magnetised Phillips.
-Pela Cables.
stainless ring.
Tweezers or toothpick.

The main features of these knives is its size, ideal for a pocket if abultar least and particularly suitable to hang from a keychain EDC. Yes, we can take advantage of the different models. One of the best is the Manager, which includes the best tools MiniChamp (pen, regular screwdriver and star, bottle opener, file, knife and scissors) plus toothpicks or tweezers, but no less useful as narajas peels, the fix cuticles, the rule or the second razor blade.

Victorinox Manager

Or a slightly less expensive version without the pen.
Victorinox Rambler

Of course, if we use the Victorinox hunky plastic hanging from our keychains EDC we have to be aware that this is a very harsh environment and rubbing with the keys will cause them many scratches. There are two solutions, give them a cover or, buy these mini version knives "Alox"

Victorinox Classic Alox version

The Alox versions replaced the typical plastic grips stainless steel that make them more resistant to abuse even at the expense losing tweezers and toothpick.They are tough and elegant, ideal for key chain.

The other possibility as we said is to get a case.

Victorinox sleeves mini / mini Pouch for Victorinox

Not easy to find covers / pouch for this type of knives. I've been testing several alternatives and the best are these two cases Victorinox.
Leather sheath knife Victorinox 4.0662

This is prepared for all Victorinox 58 mm as MiniChamp, Rambler, Classic. Etc. Of course, keep in mind that the Mini Champ comes very fair at first, having to press a lot, but then the leather is stretched and is well adjusted. The version of the MiniChamp Midnite flashlight is too thick and does not catch.
The MiniChamp with the leather case Victorinox 4.0662 / 4.0662 Victorinox pouch With MiniChamp

The alternative case is the Victorinox 4.0363. This is a totally bolsillera based on synthetic material. It may seem less elegant than the skin, but is very practical, but for MiniChamp is something fair and certainly not used to the version with Midnite MiniChamp with flashlight.
The MiniChamp with Victorinox knife sheath 4.0363

The brand is constantly bringing out new models that can be adapted to our needs

Victorinox Secure

Functions of the Victorinox Secure

USB module

Razor blade
Naifile with screwdriver
stainless ring
Led white light
Pen pressure
Digital fingerprint reader

And as we said, if we seem too small, we 65mm versions inherited from Wenger are there.

Victorinox Executive 65mm. Note that brings the classic scissors Wenger

I think a good key EDC / LAD is never complete without a good blade and these Victorinox we offer quality and elegance. They are a great gift. 

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