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The American Optical Pilot: Sunglasses

American Optical Pilot

A classic sunglasses that have wear bye astronauts, actors, pilots and even presidents ot the United States of America, the American Optical Pilot .

American Optical Pilot
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Metallic frame glasses, comfortable and with a strong personality.

Variants in the American Optical Pilot

The American Optical Pilot can be chosen with a correct series of specificities to suit the client, choosing frame, size, sideburns and crystals:
Mounts: shiny silver, black, silver plated, gold.
Sizes: 52mm, 55mm, 57mm.
Pins: Spatula, Comfort Cable, Bayonet.
Crystals: Gray, Polarized gray, Gray (polycarbonate), Gray polarized (Polycarbonate), Green, Brown, Polarized brown, Yellow (polycarbonate), Yellow polarized (polycarbonate), Amber (polycarbonate), Amber Polycarbonate), or without crystals.

The origin of AO dates back to 1826 when William Beecher, a Connecticut farmer, moved to Southbridge, after a time in Providence, Rhode Island, where he learned to trade jewelry. There he decided that he could make better mounts than those imported up to that time from Europe, especially from France, Germany and England.

AO Logo

Since 1958 AO manufactures in Massachusetts (USA) these great spectacles of great personality and very popular between the pilots of USAir Force and the aviators of the US Navy, to the point that they were selected as equipment of NASA astronauts in several programs . To give a glimpse of its historical significance in total twenty-seven pairs of American Optical Pilot sunglasses were worn during the Apollo lunar missions as part of the astronauts' personal team. Twelve of these pairs became physically on the lunar surface at the edge of the lunar modules that descended to the satellite.

Astronaut "Buzz" Aldrin at NASA's Apollo XI mission. Note that it also carries another icon that we have talked about here, the Omega Speedmaster

Actor John Hamn characterized as Don Drapper in the series Mad Men
This particular specimen has "Spatula" style pins.

US President Johan F. Kennedy.

Actor Robert Duvall characterized as Colonel Kilgore in the movie Apocalypse Now

Astronauts Pete Conrad and Gordon Cooper after NASA's Gemini 5 mission

For lovers of sunglasses and lovers of male icons. The American Optical Pilot is undoubtedly one of the most mythical sunglasses ever created.

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