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The best gold investment coins and ingots

The best gold investment coins and ingots

Investment in bullion coins and bullion: The 10 most prestigious bullion coins and the best ingots

Following the thread on the Krugerrand coin bullion investment gold most recognized have received many messages asking me an article on coins and bullion gold investment in more reliable or better to invest. Let 's say this blog actually going on male supplements and only touched the Krugerrand as an object icon but in view of requests here is the article.

Is it better to invest in coins or gold bullion?

It's better in coins, but doing it in bullion is not bad. Why is it better in coins? Some say that coins have a known weight and measures are more difficult to falsify, but that makes no sense as much as there are ingots of recognized brands and their verifiable dimensions. What if it is true is that usually the ingots have less "premium" ie less overpricing (profit of the seller) than the ones that carry the coins, so they give you more gold for the same money, but ... the coins , Because of bias, are more popular, so they are easier to sell and apart from the "I Buy Gold" can be sold in numismatic stores that give better prices.In short, with coins we can recover our investment more quickly.

Big or small gold coins?

Both as we need. I prefer small ones because if there is crisis and the price goes up we will find objects of great value difficult to convert into currency. On the other hand, if one has to travel with the post, better big coins that end up taking up less space than many small ones.

What are the best gold coins to invest?

It depends on the area where we move, I am going to make a selection of the best coins in my opinion at world level and a little at the end in the sphere of Spanish-speaking. Here I make a selection of the 10 best coins and justify it.

1. The South African Krugerrand.

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It is indisputable, the currency of one ounce Krugerrand is the most sold and is easily recognized worldwide. In addition its premium is usually low and its alloy of 22 carats with copper makes it of easy conservation. It comes in four sizes: 1 Ounce Troy, 1/4 and 1/2 and 1/10

SizeDiameterThicknessWeight (g)Purity 1,000Gold Content (g)Gold Content (Troy Ounce)
Full32.7mm2.77mm33.9305, 91731,1041,0000
Medium27.0mm2.16mm16.9653, 91715,5520.5000
Fourth22.0mm1,83mm8.4826, 9177,7760.2500
Tenth16,5mm1,30mm3.3931, 9173,1100.1000

2. The British Sovereign.
British Gold Sovereign

It is the reference currency for the old British Empire for two centuries and until it arrived the Krugerrand was the most popular gold coin in the world.Small in size it is easily concealable and priced more content than the large one ounce coins. Remember that in case of crisis gold rises and if we have coins of great price we can find that with them we can not buy bread.
Weight of fine gold (not total): 7.32g
Series: Soberano
Mint: The Royal Mint
Purity: 917/1000
Diameter, mm: 22.05
Thickness, mm: 1.52
Nominal value: 1

There are also half-sovereign, rarer coins.
3. Golden Eagle US.

The Golden Eagle is a replica of the Krugerrand concept and is manufactured practically in the same sizes and weights as the South African currency only that the 22-carat alloy combines with copper and silver. It is a relatively recent currency but thanks to the power of the American economy is a well-sold and recognized currency around the world. It comes in four sizes: 1 Ounce Troy, 1/4 and 1/2 and 1/10
There are also silver to although with different design.

4. Austrian Philarmonica.
Austrian Philarmonic

Of ounce and pure gold (999.9) which makes them more soft and delicate, its good aesthetic design has made them increasingly popular. Of course, I emphasize that they break down with great ease for what although they are good investment and for that reason I recommend them, in case of hard times I would not want them to have among my belongings.
It comes in four sizes: 1 Ounce Troy, 1/4 and 1/2 and 1/10

5. Maple Leaf c anadiense.

Analogous to Philharmonics. They are originally of ounce size and pure gold (999.9), which makes it very popular but difficult to preserve.
It comes in four sizes: 1 Ounce Troy, 1/4 and 1/2 and 1/10

Canadian Maple Leaf
6. 20 Francs Vreneli s uizos.
20 Franks Vreneli

The Swiss is a symbol of stability. Small in size and almost always well preserved they are recognized and appreciated. The physical characteristics are analogous to the currencies of 20 gold units of all the signatory countries of the UML (Latin Monetary Union), in this list are the FRF 20.

Fine gold weight (not total weight): 5.807g
Purity: 900/1000
Diameter, mm: 21
Thickness, mm: 1.25
Rated value: 20

7. 20 French francs.

20 Franks of Napoleon III

In the French-speaking world they are very well-known and we remember the power of France in much of the planet so that a numismatist in Francophone Africa (very few, but there are) will appreciate them before currencies of other countries. The physical characteristics are analogous to the currencies of 20 gold units of all the signatory countries of the UML (Latin Monetary Union), in this list are the 20 francs Vreneli.

Fine gold weight (not total weight): 5.8064g
Purity: 900/1000
Diameter, mm: 21.20
Thickness, mm: 1.30
Rated value: 20

8. 50 Mexican pesos.

Huge coin of 37.5 grams of gold with little premiúm. It has the advantage of being well known around the world and allowing to accumulate much gold in a small space. By contrast, in times of crisis would be worth so much that it becomes difficult to buy things with them. Watch out for fakes.

Total weight 41.66 grams,
Weight of gold: 37.5 grams
Diameter 37.1mm Diameter

9. Spanish Alfonsinas.
25 pesetas alfonsinas

The most recognized Spanish gold investment is the 25 pesetas of Alfonso XII. It has the advantage of being quite thin and easily concealable for example in the sole of a shoe, but the best thing is that it is very pretty (which makes it easier to sell) and in the Spanish-speaking world is well known at the same time as in Europe.

Gold. Law 900 thousandths.
Diameter: 24.09 mm
Total weight (including copper): 8.08 gr.
Singing recorded with 27 Lis flowers.

10. For South America the Argentine gold.
Argentinian gold

This currency is very popular among Argentine and South American investors, but it is rare in Europe and the rest of the world, I have set it up as an example of how a currency can be very important in a particular area of ​​the world.

Weight 8.064 gr.
Diameter 22 mm.
Alloy Au 900 / Cu 100 (22 Kts.) Au = gold, Cu = copper.
Quality Circulation.
Ceca Mint of the Nation.
Obverse National Coat of Arms with flags and cannons. Perimeter inscription, "Argentine Republic" and year of coinage, between two stars of six points.
Reverse Head of Freedom, right profile with inscription "OUDINE" and perimeter inscription, "LIBERTAD 5 PESOS. UN ARGENTINO 9 FINE", all between four stars with six points. Pearly edges. Canto with inscription under relief "EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW".

Should not you invest in Australian Pandas or Nugget?

I do not say that at all, but they are less known in the Western world and the Chinese have the problem that it is the favorite currency of Asian counterfeiters. In themselves they are good choices, but put to choose the ones that I have put in my Top 10 are more salable all over the world, especially the first eight.

What are the best ingots to invest?

Always choose name brands with the certificate London Good Delivery - LBMA (which translated into Spanish means Market Association Barras London) asHeraeus, the PAMP or Degussa, which also have a very successful design and come in blister packs, plastic . The plastic blister adds one more element of safety.
Degussa Ingot

Leaving aside the Degussa great, my favorite brand of ingots Argor-Heraeus is Swiss.
Ingot Argor-Heraeus

Dimensions of ingots Argor-Heraeus

Weight gLength mmWidth mmThickness mm



Degussa coined ingot of 100 grams. Note that it is coined and that the reverse has a pronounced edge.

Dimensions of coined ingots * Degussa

Weight gLength mmWidth mmThickness mm
15.0 8.5 0.55 mm
2.5 19.0 11.5 0.8 mm
5 23.05 18.35 1 mm
10 25.3 15.2 1.6 mm
20 31,0 18,0 2,2 mm
50 47.0 27.0 2.4 mm
100 47.0 27.0 4.5 mm
1 ounce 41.0 24.0 2.2 mm

* Degussa also has molten ingots that have a traditional shape and dimensions other than those coined.

Investing in gold is not really an investment, but an insurance and deserves to be taken care of so we can not buy anything but what for its quality accredited will give us the return we want and the parts that I present, they give.

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